Works great, Well I installed a system of 9120b interconnected smoke alarms and they worked better than the older product, a brk smoke detector which had outlived its usefulness. The sensor is optimized to detect flaming fires, such as those caused by paper, kitchen grease, and other fast-combusting materials. Interconnected smoke and co alarms must meet all requirements: The same fuse or circuit breaker must power all interconnected alarms. Thanks! They have worked well since we moved in, and since the house was built in 2007, I figured it was time to replace them. I couldn't be happier with the product and service! Reviewed: 02/19/2020 by John Fitzgerald Jr. Great deal on a great product. I did check and see if I was able to purchase the alarms at Target and Lowes but they didn't have the quanity I needed. 1 minute job. Then simply test all alarms for proper function. Replaced 6 hard wired smoke alarms-product as described. Thankful to be able to order online with fast shipping...had it in 3 days. The products are easy to install. I feel at ease now that I have new alarms in place. I BROKE THE LATCH CHANGING ONE OF THE BATTERIES AND WAS THRILLED THAT THE NEW UNIT WITH AN EASIER BATTERY LATCH COULD BE PLUGGED RIGHT INTO THE OLD WIRING. A-1. The First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup comes equipped with an ionization sensor to provide the earliest possible warning of a fast-flaming fire. I plugged it in to the existing mounting and wiring and it works just fine. Easy to install! First Alert BRK Brands 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup 4 Pack. Our hard wired alarms were 26 years old so I contacted the First Alert Store to purchase replacements and wiring adapters. The service was quick. It was great to have an easy to read and easy to order web site. Your service was great. Very good company to buy from. I may refresh replace the rest of the units in the house as well just so everything is new and up to date. I will continue to use your products and recommend and refer others to do so as well. With a little help from a customer rep at First Alert, she lead me to the right product. Reviewed: 02/18/2019 by Michael Karwatsky. The order process was fairly easy and the alarm actually arrived ahead of the anticipated delivery time. This was the case and all 5 First Alert Smoke Detectors are installed and working as required. love the ease of ordering and the fast shipping. If the battery is loose, in cannot power the smoke alarm properly. They are manufactured with precision and are dependable. Great design, clear instructions, easy install! The construction dust cover is good to have to protect the unit from fouling during construction or heavy cleaning events. This alarm features a 10 year battery backup. Great service. First Alert 9120B Smoke Detector Keeps Chirping/Beeping. Reviewed: 05/09/2020 by LeAnn Kirkpatrick. only need to unplug and change the ceiling mount included. Installed by me in just a few minutes. Our home detectors are 11 years old and starting to fail. Reviewed: 10/19/2020 by Harry E McNair Jr. First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup - 9120B. I was very pleased that the smoke alarms came with the 9-volt batteries. Works as expected, exactly what I needed to plug into my existing system. Bought 96 of these to replace 10 yr old First alert smoke detectors. Repeat this process to test each alarm in the interconnected series. It was time to replace my old alarms they were over 10years old. After installing new batteries, be sure to test your smoke detector. I was looking for this products at a store, couldn't find it. Thank you again. I received what was pictured on the web page! Easy to install. Quick fix. I was pleased to find that the wire harnesses and detector mountings are still the same for this model. Press test button, verify it works. Solved system problems and operating like a new system. Very easy installation and quality. Reasonably priced ! My first alerts had about 2 years left on warranty. Ordered replacement smoke detector for my condo from First Alert. Simple plug in and done. Replaced previous detector- easy to do - starting working right away previously. They were shipped very quickly by USPS Priority Mail. Very happy with purchase. Easy to find what I needed on your website. AC-powered smoke alarms must be installed in accordance with all local electrical codes. We needed to replace a 9120B and the first alert store was the least expensive place I found. The product arrived on time, installed as expected and without problems. I tried calling on the weekend, but Sales Desk apparently is only open on weekdays. I could not be more pleased with this experienced. They were so easy to put up and look great in the house! Finished off the basement and they work perfectly with the rest of the system in my new house. Thank you! So I'm pleased with this product in keeping my home safe thanks First Alert. We had 1 go bad and ordered this one which is the newer model of the rest of the house. Shipment is ontime and product is good. These alarms are sensitive loud and interconnected so you can't miss an alarm. Secure the mounting bracket to the ceiling or wall using screws (included in the package), Insert the power connector into the plug on the back of your alarm, Tuck any hanging wires into the junction box, Position the base of the alarm onto the bracket and turn it clockwise until it's secured, Remove the pull-tab to activate the backup battery. Order handled efficiently. Order was easy and installation all working I gave you a 5 rating thank you. Great product, easy to install, clean, sleek look. Just unplugged old ones and plugged in NEW ones now I can sleep. Ordering was easy, shipping was prompt, installation was a simple swap out, and we are now set for another 10 years. No more false alarms at 2AM, as the old original alarms did. Placed a second order a week later and also received them within a week. The BRK® 9120LBL alarm features a dual ionization smoke sensing chamber, an 85dB horn and a “silence” feature. Very pleased with the delivery time. Here are a few items you'll need before starting the installation process: Needle-nose pliers or utility knife, screwdriver, wire stripper, wire nuts and a ladder. I was very satisfied with the product, price and service. Arrived on schedule, well packaged & best price. Hey there, Heather. I replaced my old smoke detectors with the new ones in about 15 min. This hardwired smoke detector uses an ionization … The gentleman handling the call explained the model had changed and explained in detail that I would. The electrical box had wires in it but they had never been stripped. The website even helped determine if I needed a new detector. I highly recommend. The product arrived quickly and with the straight forward instructions, I was able to replace them easily with no prior experience of switching out hardwired fire alarms. If one alarm in the series is triggered, they will all sound. Reviewed: 05/21/2020 by Virginia Rapplean. Your battery may not be installed properly or snapped all the way in place. Had my original First Alert smoke alarms for 10 years so it was time to replace them, these worked perfect, very happy! Battery Type: Two AA batteries; Location: 9120B. said they were at the end of life and need to be replaced , ordered , replaced , great price ! Reviewed: 05/29/2020 by Richard LeTourneau. Online order process user friendly, product shipped promptly after order, great value on product which arrived in good condition. Reviewed: 12/25/2017 by JAMES SCHOFFSTALL, Easy to install and works perfectly on both AC & BATTERY. I needed to replace my old smoke detectors. All of them all worked perfectly. The First Alert SC9120B Hardwired Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a hardwire alarm with battery backup. It also integrates with up to six other compatible devices, such as bells, horns, and repeaters. Reviewed: 10/04/2020 by NANETTE RODRIGUEZ. Only had to replace 2 of the trim holders as the older ones were slightly off in color compared to the new alarms. Easy to install as they were a replacement for the exact unit that was installed for 14 years. BRK First-Alert-9120B-Smoke-Detector-amp-Alarm-AC-Powered-With-Battery-Backup . The rep. Was very helpful. I was assured they would plug in the the hard wires without any problem. After installed, work like charm. Would use company again. units come with batteries with a pull tab so very easy to activate.includes wiring and a paint cover as well. When our old smoke alarm quit working even with a new battery backup we wanted to get a replacement quickly. Arrived as promised. This type of wire is commonly available at hardware and electrical supply stores. They were the same brand and they served me well they were still working before they were replaced. Good for another 20 years, Great product easy to install need to order 3 more, Reviewed: 08/03/2020 by Chester & Pelt, Had no problem replacing my old smoke alarms with these units. Perfect product, perfect quick service. It connects with all the other ones we have. I was pleased with how easy this new arrival replaced the old. Reviewed: 04/28/2020 by Joseph Van Kempen. These smoke detectors are top shelf! Packaging was excellent so the products were received in great shape and on time. First alert store is one of the best if not the best online company I've dealt with for any type of product. reasonable price, easy installation where I was replacing older ones,came with batteries, prompt shipping, very satisfied, First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup, 9120B. Would recommend This vendor to friends and family. I found First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup - 9120B which is a highly compatible / superior system than the one I had. The other two were very easy to change over, just three wires to install the new plug. Was very easy to get on the First Alarm Site and find my type if alarm I needed. Called and 10th unit promptly sent out. Easy to order, to install, good price, and quality product. Battery Type: 9V (Nine volt) Location: CO400 / CO400B . Had all replaced in about 20 min. Fast shipping/item as described/easy to install/great value, Easy to order and get. I replaced 4 smoke detectors in my home. Product was exactly the right detector to replace our old one. I am so happy that I found the replacements for our old smoke detectors. The new ones replaced those that have gone bad. The price was great. The old unit was dated 2011. This smoke alarm works great and with all others in the house. Reviewed: 11/01/2016 by Alfredo Delos Santos. Replacement units fit easily into the old base. This is the brand that was used originally, lasted 14 years. Thank you so much! As my home is now 10 years old, some of the installed as new First Alert smoke detectors are beginning to fail. Installation was simple. They work great. Easy plug in to replace old unit with new one. Reviewed: 09/17/2019 by Melida McLenan-Kenny. Delivered before time. Thanks! they are the I wanted. Prompt delivery. All I had to do was install this with the base it came with and connected it up. Set your store to see local availability View Similar in Stock. Nothing else compares. Done. These were very slow in arriving and were made over two years ago. Since ten years is typical life, I ordered three and replaced all at the same time. The item was received fast. $29.99. The new detectors used the same hardwire connection as the old one. We built our home 6 years ago and one of the hard wired smoke detectors went bad. Was just looking to update mine since they where manufactured in 2005. Reviewed: 03/01/2019 by Robert Bujakowski. Found the best price on these product after searching on line and received it thru FedEx faster then I was expecting. One of my 14 year old smoke detectors failed. Thanks for the great service! All 10 are working well, tested and in sync. Will buy again here! Ordered 3 to replace old smoke detectors and they were very easy to install. They are a good, reliable product. I decided to replace all 11 as to not have a house inspector and new buyer nickel and dime me to death. but, delivery time was slow. I bought it to replace a malfunction one which was 6 year old. Even when my wife is cooking this alarm goes off when shes in the kitchen burning food. Battery access is very convenient. Installation was very quick and easy to handle for an old guy. until the next electrical outage... Alarms are extremely easy to install. They are simply the very best. It arrives quickly and shipping was free. Now our new smoke alarm operates as it should, we are covered. the lady that took my order was the best! Arrived quickly, easy install, all 7 work great. The new unit installed without a hitch and seems to function properly. fast delivery and simple / quick replacement of the old device. Ordered a couple extra for future replacements, was easy to find on your site and easy to order. Just plugged it in and reattached it to the existing ceiling bracket. Quick and easy installation. They even come with batteries!!! All I had to do was unplug the old units, and remove them, simply plug in the new units to the harnesses and twist them in place and check their operation. Never had a problem with my other expired units. The items were fresh stock, manufactured only two months earlier. easy to install. Good product. Once I received the new First Alert smoke alarms, I was pleasantly surprised to find both contained batteries. Maybe I should get her to clean oven, no! This is not the first time that I realized that Amazon practices price gouging, in fact, I am awaiting an investigation from Amazon as to why a physicians practice offers an identical item for 10% higher price. Easy to install and they really work great. They are easy to install and they look great. THANK YOU. EASY TO INSTALL. The product was as advertised and worked nicely all six of them. It's ALL good. So glad you make these great wire-in with battery back-up 10 Year Smoke Alarms. Very pleased. Saved time, saved $$ Package arrived quickly. Fair Price easy to match P/N with existing smoke alarms and reasonable shipping time. A customer service representative will be contacting you shortly. I had an 18-year old smoke detector and called the store with the model number. Just snaps right in. I called first alert and didn't think I would be able to replace the existing fire alarms that were hard wired in. Shipped within hours and arrived quicker than I expected. good email updates on shipment status, Reviewed: 09/10/2018 by Alexander Pamphilis. Received via FedX ground at 8:00pm which surprised me. The people working here were kind and helpful. Items arrived on time in great shape. Review and installation of First Alert 9120B6CP 120-Volt Wire-In With Battery Backup Smoke Alarm, 6-Pack available on Easy to install. It took less than 10 minutes. I have not completed the install. I just twisted the old one off the mounting plate and disconnected a connector and then reconnected the new unit and twisted it into the existing mounting plate. I installed a LONG life battery Vs the one which came with it. Shop First Alert BRK 3-Pack AC Hardwired 120-Volt Smoke Detector in the Smoke Detectors department at Lowe' By leading the fire safety category through reliability, quality and innovation, we follow in the footsteps of our founders and make the world a safer place - one home, one family, one life at a time. I accidentally started a fire in my oven while broiling and it saved our home. Everything fit, and it was fast and easy. Replaced 2 smoke alarms within a few minutes and they are working perfectly. Replacing the bases was a bit of a chore, due to the screws currently in place were of the older slotted head and slipped the screwdriver several times. Safe at home with First Alert Hardwired Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements: To begin, turn off power at the junction box and connect your alarm to the building's electrical wiring. All I had to do was, plug them in and install on existing bases. These smoke alarms easily replaced the pre-existing problems. The old alarm plug in fit the new smoke alarm and made installation easier. Very fast delv of items & new product stamp and very good quality, Reviewed: 07/31/2019 by EFSTATHIOS TOURNAS, Very happy with the product, been using First Alert for over a decade and it works great, The items in question were installed by members of the local fire department. The alarm also comes with a dust cover to keep the unit clean during construction. Service and shipment were quick, and it works great! It's Saturday and it might be date night so... Actually I had her replace one or two. Product easy to order. It did get done and I am well pleased thus far. The alarm features a latching indicator to identify which unit triggered the alarm, alerting you to the area of danger. The recently purchased are very much alike. What was equally important to me, was how I was treated by customer service. It was just what I was looking for at a great price! Very pleased with their customer service. The smoke detectors that I needed to replace were old, this unit was the exact fit and the plug for the wiring was the exact match. Interconnectable up to 18 units (12 smoke, 6 CO/heat/relay). I'm a comparison shopper and the First Alert store is the cheapest vendor. If the tab broke away before the alarm was activated, you can use a toothpick to move the switch over to test the alarm. I made a mistake in address and the customer care professional called and made sure the address is correct. Order was easy and received right on time. Easy replacement. This connected perfectly to our system. Fast free delivery, replacement product for out of date smoke alarms. Just the product I needed. replacing a smoke alarm with battery backup. Reviewed: 03/12/2019 by Gerald Lomashewich. They are hardwired into the electrical system. Best price on the internet. Reviewed: 06/09/2018 by Joseph Cudzynowski. Works fine, but supplied 9v battery is a cheap heavy duty not alkaline. it's ok though as the hardwire supplies the power, not the battery. I contacted First Alert to obtain the correct replacement model for what I currently had. Our hardwired smoke alarms were original to our property, and over due for replacement. Reviewed: 04/27/2020 by Joseph Van Kempen. Very good price for six detectors. Please, First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup Reviews, First Alert SC9120B Hardwired Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm, First Alert CO400 Basic Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm (1039718), First Alert CO5120BN Hardwired Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Back-up, First Alert 7010B Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup, First Alert CO605 Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup (1039734), First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup, First Alert PRC710 10-Year Battery Photoelectric Smoke & CO Alarm (1039868), First Alert 9120LBL BRK Brands Hardwire Smoke Alarm with 10-Year Battery, First Alert 3120B 120VAC Hardwired Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarm, First Alert PRC700 Slim Design Battery-Operated Combo Smoke & CO Alarm (1039783), First Alert P1010 10 Year Battery Atom Photoelectric Micro Smoke Alarm (1039765), First Alert SA303CN3 Basic Battery Operated Smoke Alarm (1039796), First Alert 7030BSL Hardwired Smoke & CO Alarm with LED Strobe Light (1038870), First Alert SCO403 Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Combo Pack (1039879). Very easy since they are same model. Great Experience with the entire order process. It took about 45 minutes to do the entire job slowly and deliberately, and the new units are operating perfectly. First Alert brand is reliable and reasonably priced. Excellent price to boot! My First Alert alarms were acting strangely. PURCHASED THE 9120B IN AUGUST 2020. CALLED BRK/FIRST ALERT AND THE REPRESENTATIVE ADVISED THAT THE 9120B WAS THE REPLACEMENT UNIT FOR MY OUTDATED MODEL.
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