The basin, the CSIs learned, was a stun bath, used to paralyze chickens before killing them by putting an electric current through the water. Examining the suite and the miniature, Grissom and his team found a mechanism in Barbara's chimney, timed in advance to drop a can of powdered charcoal onto the fire and seal off the chimney flue. Shanshu - Natalie Davis (CSI) added by Cinders. Natalie began killing with her second victim Izzy DeLancey. Sara's vest was found buried, but she had since escaped from the wreckage. CSI: NY . You may now move on to another difficult cases. Each model was either left at the murder site in the case of her male victims delivered to someone involved in connected to her victims or the investigation in the case of her female victims. She also left a picture of a bloodied doll in each of the models, which were hidden among the rest of the miniatures. As part of a vendetta against Grissom, Natalie abducted Sara when she left the strip mall that she ate at a few times a week. I am oleh no means an icon maker, but we all like to try our hands at things we suck at. She is known for being Sara Sidle's and Gil Grissom’s archenemy. This Angel شبیہ might contain پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ. To make sure that Sven was not pretending to be repulsed as he was by the sight of blood, a test was run on him, which involved artificially increasing the flow of adrenaline through his system to simulate his seeing blood. She managed to buy the wrecked car, and transported it to the desert. As the CSI team had found Tallman before the murder could be performed, they replaced her with a lookalike, Officer Kamen. Natalie resolved to do the same to Grissom. IT'S NATALIE. As they went to awaken Kamen, however, they were horrified to find her dead. Natalie était jalouse de sa sœur, mais les deux sœurs avaient de bonnes relations jusqu’à ce que leur mère meure. natalie davis. Sissman designed the life-sized set and then created two miniature replicas. The team soon learned that he was part of the same train club as Penny Garden, linking him to all three murders. Beliau terkenal dengan perananya dalam filem 2008 Death Race, kemunculannya dalam beberapa muzik video antara 2003 dan 2011, dan dua siri telenovela pada 2006 dan 2007.Martinez berlakon dalam satu musim drama Detroit 1-8-7, dan menjayakan peranan ulangan dalam musim pertama siri CSI: NY, dan berlakon … When nobody but Barbara's brother arrived, they decided to call off the stake-out. Télé-série 2004 Thriller dramatique États-Unis/Canada. #csi #CSI Las Vegas #william petersen #Gil Grissom #miniature killer #miniature. He was shocked when the next miniature was delivered directly to him. This order was most likely the trigger that led to Garden's murder. "The Miniature Serial Killer") is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by Jessica Collins. During this time, Natalie (who was apparently always withdrawn and quiet) became increasingly jealous of the attention Chloe got from Christopher, culminating at a block party when Natalie pushed Chloe down from a tree house in their garden, killing her. In the model they also found a picture of a bloodied doll, hidden behind a mini photo frame, and a bleach container in the miniature garbage. Mon compte. Née le 8 mars 1983 à San Antonio, Texas (États-Unis) (37 ans) Nationalité américaine Searching through old videos, the team learned that Ernie had a son who'd changed his name from Lionel Dell to Mitchell Douglas. However, they soon learned that Ernie's son despised his father, and that Ernie seemed to love his adopted children more. Changer la ville. In the message, Garden informed the killer that she was firing her for not bleaching the grout as she had ordered. the shanshu awards. Mallory23, AgentCoop and 2 others like this . Once finished, Natalie took the miniature and placed it in Grissom's office; a simple feat because she had been working at the CSI offices as a janitor. Natalie Martinez (lahir 12 Julai 1984) ialah seorang pelakon dan model Amerika Syarikat. Natalie was devastated by Dell's death and held Grissom responsible.