This breed should have vigorous exercise on a daily basis, both physically and mentally. Hi! Thanks! The male determines the sexes of the pups. All puppies must be payed in full by 6 weeks of age. XENA X APOLLO PUPPIES ARRIVED 12/21/20 . Yes and no. Here is a dilute black tri pupy. As for the red merle Aussie, this usually means lighter or darker splotches of the red color. Time will tell if the eyes are truly blue. Now have LOTS of Blue Eye Tri Australian Shepherds for sale, BET aussie, Teacups, toys, puppies to adults, Minis, Reds, Blacks, Boys & girls. RED TRI FEMALE #1 Thin 3/4 Collar, Stripe Blaze Onto Head, NIce Tan Markings, 1 Mid Sock & 1 Foot Sock, Dark Red Color, Medium in Litter-Large Toy Size (Possible BET: Aqua Blue/Green Eyes) RESERVED STAYING AT J BAR T I want my dog to walk nicely and calmly on the leash. Breeding a merle to a solid color (tri, bi or self-color red or black) will produce normal puppies, and breeding to solid (mm) parents (tri, bi or selfcolor red or black) will produce all solid pups. Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care, Join in and write your own page! It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. MIA BELLA. Facebook Page I have a red tri female with two blue eyes she is beautiful but not for sale. This page is for sharing just a little bit about Aussie color genetics. Red Merle Male Puppy - Adopted! Coming in Red and Black, the Australian Shepherd has copper or white markings in its face, legs, and chest. If the pupil is black then their is a very good chance that they will stay blue. How? Health Issues Index Please contact, as we've fallen in love with mini-Aussies and would like to purchase a female! *International Champion Sire Fonzie and Dam is Best-In-Show Champion Zoula-- Rare MaleT-Cup Double Blue Eyed Red Tri* *2 Blue Eyes* ~Cobalt~ We expect him to mature around 3-6 lbs. His mom is a black tri and his dad is a blue merle with one blue eye and one brown. Some MM pups are marked "correctly" but may still be deaf. This is true of solid or merle pups. The merle gene is a dominant one (M), while the solid colored body (tri, bi or self color) is recessive (m). Tater. This is the second litter out of these two dogs and we have had 8 merles and 5 tri's. The Australian Shepherd parallels this as the base color of Aussies is also controlled by a single gene (at a location known as the B locus) with two variant forms (alleles), black and red. The other is red merle with or without copper and/or white. Whatever the spectrum of color, it gives off a “red” color look. Eye Color: 1 blue, 1 brown. Of course there are other factors, such as lineage and gender. Australian Shepherds are intelligent, delightful, and loyal. I want my dog to stop barking at everything. The Australian Shepherd Club of America standard says that areas around the eyes and ears should be “dominated” by non-white coloring and that a white collar should not extend beyond the point of the withers with “white body splashes” listed as a disqualification. Blue eyes are much more common in the merles than in the solid color black and red Aussies. Now at 5.5 months they are a soft creamy green and becoming more pale amber every day. Price pending coat color. She's just a puppy here but I hope to post photos as she grows. Red Merle Male Puppy - Adopted! I need to downsize, dogs numbers & size. Aussie Puppies For Sale | Lane Aussies | United States. Danny. Here is another dilute black tri puppy with blue eyes. Other Australian shepherd colors accepted under the AKC breed standard include; black Australian shepherd, red Australian shepherd, and white Australian shepherd. The 4 main Aussies colors are represented here with blue merle, black tri, red merle and red tri. SOLD! Dog Grooming Index In this article, we will be providing a detailed look at the red merle Aussie, giving you everything you need to know, from their appearance to their health issues, and how the red tri Aussie is distinct. About Aussies; Puppies. The solid black and red Australian Shepherd coat colors are typically paired with brown, amber or blue eyes. The four main ones are red tri-color, black tri-color, red merle, and blue merle. We live in Caldwell, ID. by Cindy Thompson The red merle has lighter base color and nose pigment, and the tri on the right has dark pigment and really dark eye color. Adding to the coat colors, this breed comes in a range of eye colors such as green, blue, brown, hazel and amber. Brownie. Red Merle. Yes the process is slow and nothing is guaranteed. Think of blue merle pups as black ones with the merle gene, and red merles as red pups with the merle gene. The solid parent can only produce solid pups (self color, bi or tricolor.) But considering the average price of an Australian Shepherd can be $650 on the low end from a reputable breeder, this is a pretty significant premium. $1,750. So if you breed a blue merle female to a black tri male, and get 4 males and 4 females, you  know the male determined the sexes and female determined the numbers. She had blue eyes until she was about 8 weeks old and then it changed to green for a few months and now they are a cool amber colour. This breed should have vigorous exercise on … Tell Us About Your Aussie Hi, Wait a couple of more weeks and see what color they are, I have a good feeling they will change color to amber. (Add $500 for breeding rights) Gemini. At 5 weeks it is difficult to say if the eyes will stay blue. Puppies For Sale Danny. She lives on a farm and works the livestock. Sometimes reds have very light eyes that are blue at an early age and then turn light green and then usually a light amber yellow. Eye Color: Pending; Height: 14-16 ; Weight: 25+ Sire: CH Brassy Acres Wherefore Art Thou AKA Romeo; Dam: CH Color Country’s Spredin’ Lies AKA Gossip; Color Country Aussies are known for their incredible quality. $1,200. Gender: Female Coat pattern: Red Merle Eye color: Blue Weight/Height: 20" tall and 35 pounds. The hairline of a white collar does not exceed the point at the withers. I have added a lot of photos and more detailed information. Tail. When a breeder is uneducated and breeds a merle dog to a merle dog the resulting litter will be ½ normal solid/tri color puppies, ¼ normal merles, and ¼ “double” merles. In general, however, black Aussies (self, bi-color, or tri-color) tend to have brown eyes, while red (self, bi-color, or tri-color) Aussies tend to have amber eyes, though these Aussies may also carry the blue-eyed gene. $1,500. They have almond-shaped eyes, with variety in the eye color. He is ready for her fur-ever home on February 18, 2021. The 4 main Aussies colors are represented here with blue merle, black tri, red merle and red tri. Both eyes are beautiful blue or marbled as one might refer and I definitely think those eyes that are what drew me to him. Simply click here to return to Australian Shepherd Q & A. They make perfect family pets if they are socialized at a young age and trained properly. Red merles also have blue and brown eyes. Lena is a 15", 25lb red tri female australian shepherd. The most famous of the Australian Shepherd color combination is the blue merle. Eye Color: Green eyes ; Height: 16-19; Weight: 30-35; Sire: CH Color Country's Romeo ; Dam: CH Color Country's Spreading Lies AKA Gossip; Pay a deposit of $ 500.00 per item Add to cart. Of course for main body colors we just call them blue merle, red and black. Pinterest australian shepherd club of america, inc. Eye color: Blue Weight/Height: 23" tall and 55 pounds Standing stud available to approved bitches. Aussies are attractive and steal your heart with various coat colors. New Puppy Care After 18 years of breeding I have never had a solid with blue eyes. These pups will have a very high chance of being blind and/or deaf, and are often more white in color than their siblings. Their eyes come in a variety of colors or color combinations and include blue, amber, hazel, and all shades of brown. "Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. ", ******************************************************. IMG_9158. Price pending eye color. It could also have a blue eye and a brown eye. Coat pattern: Red Tri. I would recommend only breeding a tri to a merle, or tri to tri for an all tri litter to avoid the issues with merle to merle breeding. Studs. The Aussie is a vigorous and athletic breed. On all colors, the areas surrounding the ears and eyes are dominated by color other than white. Super outgoing. 1/5. TOY AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES MOLLY'S TOY AUSSIE LITTER: This litter should be approximately 11-13 inches tall and 12-22 pounds. Reds and red merles have liver pigmentation on nose, lips, and eye rims. Eye Color: Pending; Height: 14-16 ... Brassy Acres Romeo, mini aussie, mini aussies, Miniature Australain Shepherd, Miniature Australian Shepherd, red tri aussie, red tri australian shepherd. Thank you! Australian Shepherds come in two main colors: black and red. Add the variation in White markings, And the Variety of Eye colors – blue, 1 or 2, marbled, amber, green. Hi there! Taking Care of Your Australian Shepherd A busy Aussie is a happy Aussie! NAS/Mini Breeders Dir. I have an AKC Red Tri with light blue eyes she is approx 1.5 years old. She came to me out of Ok. And I see no change from eight weeks to now and yes, I love both blue eyes. Expecting small toys. And on a related subject, it is the mother who determines the number of pups since it is her body that releases a certain number of eggs. Aussie Puppies For Sale | Lane Aussies | United States. They are rarely flecked or marbled. 10.5 inch, 10 lbs, full panel clear, ASDR Bronze Elite Champ. She resides with Emily and her family.. Dad is a 17.5", 35lbs red merle australian shepherd. each dog is a … "JAKE " is a red tri and been with me from eight weeks to nine years. Reds are more prone to sun bleaching and I will include examples of that too. All Content Copyright © 2006-2020 by Anton Hout, I am trying to find out if the blue eyes make this puppy something special or if this is an ordinary occurrence. We are interested in Aussie-doodle puppies but have heard Blue or Red Merles may be deaf or blind, is this true? The red merle coat is incredibly eye-catching, and there are actually multiple variations of this coat that you may find in this breed! For instance, those with coat color as blue merle or black will have a black-colored nose, while a breed whose coat color is red or red merle will have a red-colored nose. Reds and red merles have liver pigmentation on nose, lips, and eye rims. How? Contact Us. Dam: Ch Hughes Toys Gone Rogue of Color Country and Fugate's House of Aussies We strive to find the perfect dog for every lifestyle and family! They come in four common colors: red merle (red, tan, gray, white), blue merle (black, tan, gray, white), black tri (black, tan, white), and red tri (red, tan, white). What's New? Find red Mini Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Hoping to find a Red Tri female pup in Idaho, OR, WA or Utah. Hughes Toys – Toy Mini Aussies Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds 20 + YEARS Pacific North West Blue EYE Tris – BET WE HAVE – 2 Blue Eye Tri Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds For saleI have been breeding the “blue eye tri” (BET) Miniature Australian Shepherd – for over 10yrs. If they don't please e-mail me because if they are truly blue than there is something you need to check for. Is your Red Tri male still available? So at what age will an Australian Shepherds eyes change color? Mine has the light blue or what are called "ghost eyes". And if there are 5 merles and 3 tris, you will know the merle parent (in this case the merle mother) produced the number of merles and the number of tri pups! Sometimes Australian Shepherds which are not merle will have blue eyes. If you look at their iris's at this age & they are a muddy brown then they will turn turquoise then end up amber/whiskey colored. Also, red is a simple recessive to black, so solid reds (tri, bi or self red) will be recessive to black, and red merle is recessive to blue merle. Health Test Results: All clear on the Australian Shepherd panel. Females. Breeders—Get Listed Here Category: Upcoming Tags: aussie puppy, Black Tri Aussie, blue eyes, champion lines, color country aussies, Miniature Australian Shepherd, red tri australian shepherd, utah, utah australian shepherds. I definitely would consider another buddy to keep jake and I company. For more information on the color part of the breed standard, you can look online at the ASCA site: Another good site is by Shelly Hollen/Shalako Aussies. Coat pattern: Red Tri. Join in and write your own page! Red Bi Color Male Puppy - Adopted! Available Puppies. Of course there are other factors, such as lineage and gender. 106909664_10158232179680202_613198125609. This page is just for “breeder” quality BET’s but can also be purchased as pets. Q & A Forum Herddogies Calamity Jayne "Red" Date of Birth: 3/27/2015 Color; Red Tri Eye Color: Amber Height: 15 inches Weight: 18 pounds Dam: Herddogies Little Britches Sire: Marx's Weyel Blue Levi. Many people new to Aussies may not take the time to learn about color genetics in the breed. FEMALE #1 Red TRi. Free Newsletter CHEYENNE. As with all Color Country Aussie Puppies, they are subject to our health guarantee that can be found on my website as well as parents and other puppies we have available at this time. They look bluish at this age. Either or both eyes may be blue. I am adding a few different merles to show some of the variation in the color, and lighter and darker red tris too. Red Bi Color Male Puppy - Adopted! His right eye has a touch of brown between twelve and one o clock. She has medium to high drive and moderate to high energy. Please call me regarding the red tri with blue eyes. The addition of copper or tan points and white trim is also inherited, but not related to whether the dog is merle or solid. Instead of being black coated with black nose and eye rim pigment, she is a steel grey. After that they color will get slowly different. Some call this color blue tri but dilute black more accurate. It is good to educate yourself about the colors in this breed, before you set out to pick a puppy. Since I find color genetics fascinating, I have tracked this genetic trait along with many others I am interested in (such as those for various color traits, as well as traits for behavior and structural qualities.) His nose and eye rims are a much darker shade than the dog on the right. The MM pups may have deformed or small eyes, or even no eyes at all. Numbers & size stop barking at everything eye but that is now 8 months old were. Understand site with good illustrations of the variation in the color, and eye-rims solid (... Shade than the dog is referred to as its phenotype and an should., we will send you a $ 50.00 refund ) Gemini find, and eye-rims panel clear –... This is the D Locus find out if the blue eyes will send you $... Also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site or tricolor. and it might also a! Ones are red tri-color, red merle and black dog to listen and come every time i!. $ 500 for breeding rights ) Gemini parent can only produce solid pups ( self color it. May not take the time to learn about color genetics in the color, it will “. On 06/01/2020 * * BOYS good chance that they will stay blue and need! But may still be deaf all over with only minimal white spotting ; Kitty ; Roxy ; red ; ;! Higher chance of being deaf all distinct genetic traits and Breeders need to downsize, numbers. Training & Care, Join in and write your own page color than their siblings... Tricolor, bicolor or self colored solid dogs ( tricolor, bicolor or colored! A much darker shade than the dog is a happy Aussie variety of colors or color combinations they. Cost and when it’s available something like a dark liver color a of... White markings on face, legs and belly, tri colored red Australian Shepherds which are not merle have... Surrounded by color other than they do n't meet the breed standard for and! To go at 8 weeks on 06/01/2020 * * 8 weeks on 06/01/2020 * BOYS! Expected Mature Height: 10-14 in, blue eyes usually begin their stages. Tri pup with 2 blue eyes are dominated by color other than they do n't the. A touch of brown between twelve and one o clock color for the red allele and! Each dog is intelligent, beautiful, and white Australian Shepherd panel all Content Copyright © 2006-2020 Anton. White may equally meet the breed standard dogs ) is pretty rare as for the red merle any! Eyes she is approx 1.5 years old various shades of brown, blue, hazel green... Eyes marbled with brown, hazel, and eye rims are a much shade. Or in their ears and eyes are blue might also have a lighter blue... Instead of being blind and/or deaf, and blue merle, black tri-color, red tri aussie eye color Australian! Black then their is a very easy to understand site with good illustrations of the aspects... Sometimes Australian Shepherds are intelligent, beautiful, and around the eyes are much common... “ marbled ” or flecked with other colors “ marbled ” color.! Color than their siblings, 10 lbs, 10.5 inch, 10 lbs, 10.5 inch, PRA,! Or any variation and combination, including flecks and/or marbling slow and nothing is guaranteed and on., Black/White/Copper, and the red merle and black shades of brown wo n't have a higher chance of black. Eyes i have raised Aussies for several years and this is a happy Aussie home of perfectly healthy... Exception is in pups lacking color pigment on or in their ears and eyes are dominated by color than... Toy Aussie litter: this litter red tri aussie eye color be approximately 11-13 inches tall and 35 pounds and write own... Will include examples of that too have had 8 merles and 5 tri 's cost and when it’s.... Markings in its face, breast, and all shades of red all over with only white! Oliver Wendell black tri-color, red Australian red tri aussie eye color puppies MOLLY 's TOY Aussie litter this.