For example, as my health gradually improves after a long illness, I am considering taking my very tiny business … Click Open your Etsy shop. If you haven’t yet opened your Etsy shop there are a few things you should do before opening a shop. Had I not started my own Etsy shop, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my products! Learn more. Often there is a theme, such as printables, art, – do you want to stick strictly to this or move away entirely? Look at your items and now write down at least 30 words associated with them pots, pottery, planter, flora, funda, planting, bright, summer, handmade, homely, living, etc. If you’re stumped when trying to brainstorm words or phrases that could become part of your Etsy shop name, Wynne recommends making a list of the attributes you want your business to be associated with. You can change your shop name as many times as you like before you open your shop for business. Required fields are marked *. What’s the shop called? Why are they so memorable? Many different forms to fill out ask our race and do always give the option to not specify. If you use a unique logo, or sell your own, creative work, and expect to expand, make sure to file to protect or register your intellectual property as soon as Indeed, the list of pros is mostly about convenience. Your own name will be easier to remember and can be advertised on your business cards and by word of mouth. To change your name yourself in Etsy simply navigate to Settings, Info and Appearance. Start by brainstorming what words could fit into your business name. There are lots of shops which have used their children’s names to give their shop a branded feel. The worst thing you can do here is – if you find your perfect name and add Shop to the front or back. Finally, pull your list of words together and use them to link up and create a shop name. Trust me – just keep going with your plan. Stick to short, sharp, snappy names. “Spend 70 percent of your time exploring and 30 percent of your time editing down your options,” Wynne recommends. If you’re considering changing your Etsy shop name, read How to Change Course Gracefully for advice on navigating change in your shop. Top Tips for Choosing Your Etsy Shop Name. For example, at any time Etsy can raise their transaction fees to boost profits, make design changes as desired, and change its search algorithm, which may result in dips in your Etsy store traffic. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Whether they describe what you sell or serve as a creative name that captures your shop’s image, shop names are displayed with you across the site, and they can define your shop’s success! Again, nothing too difficult, just make sure your name resembles your shop name, and within the description you have added relevant keywords to attract your target audience. I love the name, I remember the name, it’s simple and specific. The more unique the name, the easier it will be for your business to become associated with it. Maybe you want your brand to feel family-friendly, colorful and trendy. Give yourself a bit of brain room and come back in a few days and see if they still sound sensible and reasonable to you. 32/100 - Time to switch brushes to a smaller one. Thank you. You can find these either by searching in Etsy for your keywords, in this example, it would be – planter, clay pot, handmade decor. After you have your list of remembered names, take a look at them. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. For example, if you sell cross-stitched artwork, consider including “cross stitch” in … These cookies do not store any personal information. Check out these tips on choosing a name that will work for your business. For instance, in the US, you can search the database of trademarked names on the United States Patent and Trademark Office's website. These words may not immediately make people think of an Etsy shop, but it How to link a domain to your Etsy shop Step 1: Purchase a domain name. In my name ideas, I used words like “Dazzling”, “Beauty”, “Shine” and “Precious”. Use your own name or rhyming name. It’s not an Etsy shop, but still an amazing name. Finalize Your Etsy Shop Name. This is why it’s so it’s important to get it right the first time. Once you’ve got some name ideas and know the difference between the three names, it’s time to look on Etsy and check availability of your chosen name. Oh – that’s nice, where did you buy it? You can’t search for shop names now so they are becoming less relevant. Checking off the things on this list before you commit to a shop name can save you headaches later. During my maternity leave for my first child, I decided to brainstorm an escape strategy from the corporate world and run my own business. What names do you like? If you have already chosen your perfect Etsy shop name – then it time to Create your first listing. If you don’t have any pretty magazines, then jump right in with my best recommendation of Branding books. You can even find helpful tips and ideas for branding in a large section in this Mind your Business book. It might be helpful for some to close their eyes and describe your product to someone who can’t see. Check into the laws in your state. When I started my Etsy shop 6 years ago, I never even thought of checking for my matching domain name because I didn’t even consider having my own website or blog. Maybe pot. One potential disadvantage to this kind of name: if your products change, this kind of name could be more difficult to adapt. Editors are paid a lot of money to come up with original, eye-catching, thought-provoking titles. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive.
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